The location is a newly built house strait on the sea coast.

Standing on the fifteen meters high red rocks of Chervenka cape, it observes a beautiful part of the black sea coast.

Resting on the balcony, you can start the view with the most in-sea edge of the ancient town of Sozopol, go through the island of Sveti Ivan with its beacon and try to focus your eyes on the far sight of the town of Pomorie.

The sea between can not be described, it has to be seen, heard, touched, tasted, felt and smelled.

To be waken up by the glimmering sunbeams, refracted from the sea, can be one of the most pleasant ways to start a day.

You can go to swim, stand on the rocks collecting the sun with your skin or just breathe the salty, iodine air.

You can cook on the barbeque the delicious black shells that you can take out from the sea rocks in front the house or try to catch some garfish - a black sea delicates from late August till sometimes November.

The rocks outside the house are a famous place among fishermen for garfish lovers.

Do not expect luxury - there is no air conditioning, you can very rarely need it with the breeze on the sea coast.

There is satellite TV and internet,

Tranquility is what you can easily find here and the place should be shared with a good company.


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